What You Need to Know About Selling a House in Maryland

Ready to list your home? Whether it's your first time selling or you're wondering if you need an agent, the Bob & Ronna Group has all the answers you need!What You Need to Know About Selling a House in Maryland

Never Listed and Sold a House Before?

If you're a homeowner, you've experienced buying a property, but selling might be new territory for you. Whether it's your first or tenth time selling, it's not an everyday occurrence, so even if you've sold before, you may need a refresher on the steps and logistics involved.

Is it a Good Time to Sell a House?

No matter your reason for selling, when it's time to list your property, your primary goal is likely to maximize your profit. You've probably heard about staging, correct pricing, and effective marketing, but where do you begin?

The first step is to contact a local real estate agent.

Choosing a local agent is crucial. We've spoken with many people who initially wanted to use a friend or family member new to real estate, wanting to help them out. However, considering the substantial financial implications, choosing someone unfamiliar with the local market could cost you thousands or result in your property lingering on the market.

Using a local, experienced real estate agent is essential when listing and selling your property. This is about your financial well-being, not just being kind to a relative.

During our discussions, our agents will offer tips, suggestions, and advice on maximizing your sale price, addressing necessary repairs or updates, and making the home selling process smooth and successful.

With research on comparable sales, we'll determine a price range that appeals to buyers in your neighborhood or community and ensures you profit as you move to your next home. Since we also work with buyers, we understand their preferences and can guide you in staging, updating, or applying simple tricks to appeal to a broad range of today's homebuyers.

What You Need to Know About Selling a House in MarylandNext, prepare the home to list.

During the listing presentation, we'll offer tips, tricks, and hacks to make your home stand out and appeal to the largest pool of buyers possible. Now it's your turn to paint, update, rearrange, or implement any suggestions we've made to get your home market-ready.

Price and list the home.

Correct pricing and timing are crucial in selling your home. We need to price it correctly from the start to avoid prolonged market time and ensure you're not leaving money on the table. Listing at the optimal time and day, depending on the market and season, is also vital to attract the most attention quickly.

What to expect during showings.

We always recommend that sellers leave the home during showings. This gives buyers the freedom to explore, make comments, and take notes or photos. After each showing, we'll review feedback and make necessary adjustments. Ensure pets and children's toys are out of the way during showings, and consider hiring a housekeeper while the home is on the market for a consistently clean environment.

Accepting offers and dealing with the home inspection.Dealing with the home inspection

Our agents will present each offer to you with advice on whether to accept or negotiate. The decision is ultimately yours. We can counteroffer until an agreement is reached.

Most buyers will conduct a home inspection, hiring their inspector. This can be a stressful time, but it's a normal part of negotiations. We'll address each request as it comes. You have several options with the home inspection: accept, reject, or counteroffer. If there are hazardous issues, they will likely need addressing as future buyers will be aware and expect resolution.

Once you and the buyer agree on the home inspection terms, it's up to you to manage any requests. Buyers will probably want a final walk-through to ensure repairs are completed.

When Do You Close on a House?

Once all inspection repairs are done, the listing moves to pending and finally to closing. Now is the time to pack your remaining items and await the final signing with escrow or title. After closing, you can turn over the keys and move to your new home.

Can you sell a home yourself?

FSBO (For Sale By Owner) has been done for centuries, but is it wise? As real estate agents, we always advise against it. You may not be a local market expert, risking overpricing or underpricing your home. You also face many legal complexities, and without professional guidance, buyers might take advantage due to unknown laws or regulations. Using an agent protects you on all fronts.

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