How to Buy a House without an Agent in Maryland

When you're considering buying a home in Maryland, you might wonder if you need a Realtor. Real estate agents in movies and TV shows are often portrayed negatively, leading to the perception that they might be untrustworthy. There's no law requiring you to use a licensed agent, so why bother? How to buy a house without an agent

The Importance of a Real Estate Agent

Buying a home without a real estate agent can involve risks and unforeseen issues. Many trustworthy agents prioritize their clients' best interests, and the advantages of having an excellent buyer’s agent are substantial.

Purchasing a home is a major milestone and possibly the most significant transaction you'll ever undertake. It's essential to understand the risks of buying without representation, as the potential problems of going solo can outweigh the perceived benefits.

Difference between a Realtor and a Licensed Real Estate Agent

A Realtor is always a licensed real estate agent, but an agent is not always a Realtor. While the two terms are usually used interchangeably, they are different. A Realtor is a title granted to an agent or broker who has gone through meticulous training in ethics and adheres to a strict set of moral and ethical laws. While all real estate agents should possess this, the training received and dues required for the title are another step.

How to buy a house without an agent

Should you use a Realtor over an agent?

We all are Realtors, and while we definitely hold ourselves to a unique standard, you don't always have to use one over the other. A good and ethical agent should be just that without the additional title or requirements. This is why we recommend going with someone you trust, regardless of title. As long as they have the experience and know-how, any agent can buy or sell houses.

Benefits of Using a Buyer’s Agent

Finding your dream home can be stressful. A buyer's agent acts as your trusted advisor, guiding you through every step of the process.

  • They work for you: Their priority is finding a house that meets your needs and budget, and they are legally obligated to act in your best interests.
  • Expertise at your fingertips: They have the knowledge and experience to navigate the local market, negotiate on your behalf, and handle the paperwork.
  • Smooth sailing: They can anticipate and address any issues that may arise, keeping the home buying process on track.

With a buyer's agent by your side, you can focus on finding your perfect home with confidence.

You can also consider adding a statistic about the benefits of using a buyer's agent. For example, according to the National Association of Realtors (NAR), buyers who use an agent typically end up paying less for their home than those who don't

Understanding Finances and Legalities

Buying a house without a real estate agent is doable, but you should be ready for some extra work. Knowing terms like escrow and earnest money deposits is key. Getting pre-approved for a mortgage is crucial to demonstrate your commitment as a buyer and stick to your budget. To ensure a seamless transfer of ownership without any unexpected issues, it's wise to enlist the services of a title company. By understanding these financial and legal aspects, you'll have the knowledge needed to navigate the home-buying journey on your own effectively.

Real estate laws differ from state to state and county to county, making it essential to understand how to read and complete a contract. Legal errors and paperwork mistakes can result in significant, long-term, and costly issues. If you choose not to use a buyer’s agent, it is highly recommended to have an attorney represent you.

Financial Considerations

In most real estate transactions, the seller pays the entire commission, including compensating both the listing and selling agent. For years, buyers have not paid any fees out of pocket to work with a Realtor. However, this could change due to ongoing legal disputes about commission structures.

Showing Homes

We reached out to Bob Jamison of Tuscana Properties for a tip: "Most sellers are advised by their Realtors not to allow unvetted strangers into their homes. Viewings are scheduled through a buyer’s agent who coordinates with the listing agent. This process ensures the safety and security of both the homeowner and their property."

Can a Real Estate Attorney Conduct a Sale?

A real estate attorney can indeed conduct a sale, providing comprehensive legal oversight throughout the transaction process. They can draft and review contracts, ensure compliance with local laws, conduct title searches, and address any legal issues that may arise. While they may not have the market knowledge of a real estate agent, their expertise in legal matters can help safeguard your interests and ensure a smooth, legally sound transaction. Engaging a real estate attorney is especially beneficial in complex transactions or when legal disputes are anticipated.

The Risks of Buying Without an Agent

The Risks of Buying Without an Agent

When you buy a home without an agent, it might seem like a straightforward deal between you and the seller, free from the involvement of "professionals." However, this perceived simplicity is often more illusory than real. Potential problems of purchasing a house without an agent include:

A skilled agent excels at navigating the real estate market and possesses extensive knowledge of local listings. They often have insights into properties that haven't been listed yet. Without an agent, you'll need to conduct thorough research on your own, which can be quite time-consuming and demanding.

Overpaying for the Property

Homeowners often set the price of their homes without an accurate understanding of the actual market value, leading to overestimations. Without a buyer’s agent to provide a professional assessment, you risk significantly overpaying for the property.

Inspection Issues

Deciphering a home inspection report can be challenging for those without experience. Without an agent, you might not be aware of the specific inspections recommended for your area. Missing these critical inspections could result in purchasing a home with significant, undiscovered problems.

Lack of Knowledge about the Neighborhood

A major advantage of working with a Realtor is their in-depth knowledge of the neighborhoods you're considering. They have insights into school districts, property taxes, HOA rules, commutes, and property values, helping you make a well-informed decision about where to buy

Appraisal Problems

Without a professional real estate agent, you may encounter appraisal issues. If a home doesn't appraise for the agreed purchase price, it can create significant complications, particularly if the seller is unwilling to lower the price.

Understanding the Closing Process

The closing process in real estate transactions can be quite complex, particularly without a Realtor's guidance. It includes several steps such as finalizing your mortgage, conducting a final walk-through, and handling various legal documents. Understanding each step is crucial to avoid unforeseen challenges.


Buying a home involves working with many third-party experts. A real estate professional can connect you with reputable contractors and home inspectors. Without an agent, you'll need to conduct thorough research to find reliable professionals on your own.

Can I use the seller's agent?

This is a common question.  Going directly to a seller’s agent to buy a home is equally problematic as not using a buyer’s agent. A dual agent represents both the buyer and seller, which can create conflicts of interest even though in Maryland it is legal. It is unwise to assume you know as much as the agent, who is obligated to get the best deal for the seller.

Purchasing a home without an agent can be risky. Typically, you don't pay for a real estate agent when buying a home, as the seller usually covers the commission. Top buyer’s agents provide valuable services for their clients. Without one, the chances of encountering issues increase significantly. Be sure to interview and select a buyer’s agent who will effectively represent your best interests.

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