Allie Brewer
Salesperson, REALTOR®, ASP-RE
Allie Brewer
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Allie Brewer has a million interests, but just one priority: building quality relationships with every client.

In a word, what makes Allie different from other agents is flexibility. “Every transaction is different,” Allie says. A great agent needs to be able to work with a lot of different people. If an agent can’t collaborate, their transactions might go awry. Before joining The Bob and Ronna Group, Allie led her own team of ten for almost a decade. Like many others on the team, all it took was one chance meeting to bring her on board. Allie met Bob at a settlement, and before she even got back to her office Ronna was calling and inviting her in for a chat! At first, Allie didn’t know what to think, but when she saw how Bob and Ronna conduct business, she was convinced. “They really truly are a team. Their goal is to help agents build their business,” Allie says.

Allie’s husband Mitchell is retired navy (CTI-1), which made her doubly excited about the group’s mission surrounding veterans. “I like working with military clients,” Allie says, “The military is something I know. I’ve been there, so I understand it and I know what they’re going through.” Allie also loves working with first time home buyers. “They are very open; it’s a nurturing process with them,” she says. “Build a strong relationship with a first time buyer and you build a relationship for life.” Allie’s best advice for buyers and sellers alike is this: find an agent you really click with. “As an agent, I’m helping clients spend a huge amount of money. We need to take it seriously and make sure there’s a fit.”

While Allie takes real estate very seriously, she seems to take everything else in life with a lightness of heart. “I love the color pink,” she says. “I wear a lot of pink. It’s such a happy color! You can’t be anything but happy when you’re wearing pink.” Perhaps unexpectedly, then, Allie also sports some Harley Davidson gear. “I’m not a biker chick,” she admits, “but I like motorcycles.” Allie finds it can be a great way to connect with clients. And while she doesn’t have her bike anymore, she stills carries the iconic Harley Davidson keychain.

When she’s not helping clients, getting pretty in pink, or talking about hogs, Allie likes to curl up with a good techno-thriller. Mystery novels with lots of intrigue are what spice up her weekends.